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From the irreverent trenches of motherhood

Anna Lefler, author of The CHICKtionary: From A-Line to Z-Snap, the Words Every Woman Should Know, will be offering humorous takes on motherhood on a new Nick Jr. show that launches Oct. 1.

“Parental Discretion With Stefanie Wilder-Taylor” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. (PST) and 11 p.m. (EST). It’s repeated on Fridays at the same time. The show is part of a new block of comedy programming on Nick Jr. dubbed NickMom that’s aimed at mothers.

“Stefanie is a fantastic comedian — as well as author — and her self-deprecating style is a perfect match for parenting humor,” Lefler says. “She’s a natural as the host of the show, which features a variety of takes on motherhood, including a monologue, hidden camera segments, entertaining looks at vintage commercials and more.”

Lefler, who served on the 2012 EBWW faculty, will appear in several episodes of the new show. “I’m in the segment in which Stefanie conducts a discussion among three funny moms on a specific topic of motherhood, such as kids’ birthday parties and traveling with children,” she says.

Lefler describes her segments as “unscripted, entertaining exchanges about contemporary motherhood.” The panel retells “instances from our own parenthood experience in which we might (not) have turned in our finest motherhood performance,” she says. “The women who are in this segment are comedians and comic actresses, and the results are fun and irreverent.”

“Parental Discretion With Stefanie Wilder-Taylor” is produced “by folks who have written for SNL, SCTV and many other laugh-inducing acronyms,” Lefler says.

Lefler is an award-winning writer and humorist. Her work has appeared online at, McSweeney’s, The Big Jewel and Funny Not Slutty, and her essays have been nationally syndicated. She has performed standup comedy in Los Angeles clubs, including the Hollywood Improv and the Comedy Store. She writes the popular humor blog Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder. Read her blog posting about the show.

“It’s a thrill to be a part of the show,” she says. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Stefanie and the amazing writing/producing team behind the show.  I can’t imagine a lovelier  — or funnier — experience.”

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