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Previews of coming contractions

A new humor anthology, My Funny Major Medical, promises to be therapeutic. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

Stacey Hatton, who blogs at Nurse Mommy Laughs, says this collection of hilarious medical experiences is “not a gift for your young grandchildren, but perfect for anyone sedated and strapped to a hospital bed.”

Other EBWW contributors to the anthology include Lisa Tognola, Barb Best and Dawn Weber.

The book features humorous essays by columnists, comedians, authors, TV writers “and people with unauthorized access to hospital files,” according to the book’s description. “This inexpensive, pocket-sized book is a time-released ‘get well card’ for the ailing and afflicted, an inside chuckle for medical professionals, and a collection of healing fun for those who aren’t under care at the moment.”

Some sample chapter headings: “My Hysterical-Ectomy” and “Previews of Coming Contractions.”

My Funny Major Medical is available in paperback and for the Kindle from

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