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2014 Bombeck Workshop faculty: Tony Cochran


Tony Cochran is the internationally syndicated cartoonist of the comic strip Agnes. Created in 1999, Agnes is an odd, pointy footed girl with big dreams, much like her creator who is an odd, pointy footed guy with dreams of his own. Agnes mirrors the ramifications of growing up in today’s society and lives in a state of delicious angst, a child of meager means trying to define her place in the world. Cochran’s first book, Agnes: I’m Far too Young to Look This Hot, was published in February 2004, and the second Agnes collection, I Have Tampered With the Divine Plan, was published in April 2005. Mr. Cochran’s love of art of all types has led him to a palate of metal minutia, sheets of brass and steel, and many fasteners and glues to reimagine, repair and recreate guitars. His “Cochranized” fully functioning guitars get not only a new look but also a new name and history – or rumor. Welcome to Cochran’s world of a girl and guitars with infinite second chances and humorous history. Born and raised in Dayton, he now lives and works with his wife, Vickie, in Columbus, Ohio.

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