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Yes, Kate, there is a Santa Claus

(Editor’s Note: Yes, Kate, there is a Santa Claus. Ann Hudock writes a touching rebuttal to a friend’s daughter — and to all those who doubt his existence. “I’m sharing here in case there are any other doubters out there,” Ann writes. “Let’s get this straight: Santa. Is. Real.”)

Dear Kate,

Your mom mentioned that you might not believe in Santa anymore. This is really so surprising to me that I just wanted to make sure it isn’t some kind of crazy misunderstanding?

Maybe you think you are too old to believe in Santa? Well I’m 48 and I believe in him with my whole heart. Maybe you should believe and just reassess when you are 48 because I can tell you my experience he is real.

Maybe you think you are too smart to believe in Santa. I know you are super smart like your mom and dad, but, honestly Kate, I have a Ph.D., and I still believe. I know how to analyze data (qualitative anyway), and all the evidence I have seen tells me he is real.

Maybe you have friends who tell you he isn’t real. Friends should always be trusted on matters of fashion and boyfriends, but on Santa you just have to look in your heart and decide what YOU believe.

Maybe you think he can’t really fly around the world on a sleigh. Well, Kate, I have had Christmas in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Vietnam, Zambia and the U.K., and he has found me every single time. I’m going to Mexico this year, so if he doesn’t come, we can talk, but I know he will.

It’s up to you to decide what you believe, Kate, but you should also know this. In life behind every strong man there is a stronger woman and just as Santa is real, so is Mrs. Claus. She is running the show up there in the North Pole, not getting near enough credit or probably pay equity. So, if for no other reason, you need to believe in Santa until we can make things right for Mrs. Claus.

Merry Christmas!


— Ann Hudock

Ann Hudock is a proud graduate of the University of Dayton (1990 and 1993) and the mother of four boys. She is the senior vice president for international programs at Plan International USA and loves the mission and vision of the organization dedicated to helping children around the world. She blogs at One Stiletto in Front of the Other: Moms in Trenches.

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