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Ode to adult acne

Oh, Adult Acne, without you, where would I be?

You’re always there for the most important things. Weddings, reunions and any time I have a speech.

Bulging, nearly bursting, yet slightly underground. I’m 41 and after all these years you still come around.

I know I shouldn’t try to cover you up after poking and pinching and prodding you to pop.

No cover up, powder or sandblaster can make you go away. No, no, no. If there’s a special occasion, you’ve got a prime spot on my face.

It’s always a surprise to see where you’ll settle in, but I can always trust that it will be my forehead, nose, or chin.

Oh, Adult Acne, you’re just so god da** stealthy! What a clever, ironic, puss-filled pal.

-Courtney Kotloski

Courtney is the Corky (writer) of the Gnat & Corky Series. A collection of children’s books that just got picked up for publishing. You can read more from her blog KEEP YOUR SOUL @corkywrites or visit

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