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2018 Bombeck workshop keynoter
Karen Walrond

Karen Walrond is an attorney, speaker, photographer, author and leadership coach. She is the creative mind behind the award-winning website, which features travel, art, food and life and serves as an inspirational source for living with intention, creativity and adventure. Her work, described as “all about connection, creativity, determination and resonance that we all experience, if only we look for the light,” has been featured on, USA Today, Good Housekeeping and Wondertime magazines, among others. She has appeared on PBS and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Her bestselling book, The Beauty of Different, is a chronicle of imagery and portraiture, combined with written essays and observations on the concept that what makes us different makes us beautiful — and may even be the source of our superpowers. Her latest book, Make Light: Stories of Bright Sparks, Slow Burns and Thriving Outloud, shares the stories of people who make it their mission to thrive out loud by pursuing passions, new businesses and breathtaking adventures, inspiring us all to hone our minds, bodies and spirits in ways that allow us to change our worlds.

She’s a certified Daring Way facilitator, trained in Brené Brown’s work on vulnerability, courage, empathy and worthiness.  Her keynote talks and workshops include these concepts, specifically addressing how vulnerability — the ability to show up in the midst of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure — is the strongest measure of courage that we have, courage which can help foster innovation and creativity.

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