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Humor writer of the month

Lisa Goich

Lisa Goich is an award-winning copywriter, talk radio host, blogger, journalist and former stand-up comedian. She has spent her life dedicated to the written word, the spoken word and the arts. She’s the author of a memoir, 14 Days, and the book, The Breakup Diary: A Guided Journal. She currently serves as a senior project manager for the jazz and comedy genres of the GRAMMY Awards and has worked for some of the biggest names  in the literary and entertainment business, including Mitch Albom, Carole King and Robert Redford. She lives in Los Angeles with her musician husband Teddy Andreadis and their four rescue dogs. She and her Maltese mix, Angie, have worked with hospice patients and their families, helping to make their transitions to the other side a loving, bonding and peaceful experience.

Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman is a nationally syndicated columnist (The Suburban Outlaw), actor, recovering lawyer and leadership consultant who was profiled in People Magazine about her career transition from attorney to actor. She will portray Erma in Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End at Geva Theatre Center in Rochester, New York, Jan. 25-Feb. 11, 2018. She’s the author of The Suburban Outlaw: Tales from the EDGE, an ironic look at life in suburbia.

Molly Stevens

Molly Stevens is the award-winning author of the newly published Boomer on the Ledge, described as “an adult picture book that explores the antics of an aging boomer.” She arrived late to the writing desk but is forever grateful her second act took this direction instead of karaoke or trampling competitors at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Molly believes humor is the emollient that soothes life’s rough patches and promotes these convictions in her blog: Shallow Reflections. She won third place in the 2017 National Society of Newspaper Columnists writing contest and is a contributing author for These Summer Months: Stories from the Late Orphan Project, edited by Anne Born. Read an interview about what motivated her to write her first book.

Karin Esterhammer

Travel writer Karin Esterhammer has published a captivatingly funny travel memoir about a Los Angeles family who moves to Vietnam to ride out the Great Recession, So Happiness to Meet You: Foolishly, Blissfully Stranded in Vietnam.

Her work has been published in the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and other outlets. Her diary-style article in the Los Angeles Times about the move to Vietnam earned more letters to the editor than almost any other travel story.

Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

Sherry Stanfa-Stanley is a writer, humorist and squeamish adventurer. Fighting midlife inertia, she stares down a year of fear through The 52/52 Project: a year of weekly new experiences designed to push her far outside her comfort zone. Her memoir, Finding My Badass Self: A Year of Truth and Dares, debuted in August. Read an amusing excerpt here. By day, Sherry attempts to respectably represent her alma mater as a communication director at the University of Toledo.

Ritch Shydner

Ritch Shydner, author of the newly released Kicking Through the Ashes: My Life as a Stand-up in the 1980s Comedy Boom, has been described as “an incredibly funny observational comedian.” He has made numerous guest appearances on late-night TV as a comic. He also played Al Bundy’s co-worker on Married with Children and appeared in Designing Women, Roseanne and feature films such as Beverly Hills Cop II. He has written for Roseanne, The Jeff Foxworthy Show and HBO’s The Mind of the Married Man. This is his second book. In 2006, he compiled stories of comedians on the road for I Killed, which he co-wrote with Mark Schiff.

Norine Dworkin-

A longtime magazine writer turned “parenting snarkologist,” Norine Dworkin-McDaniel has written for nearly every women’s magazine you can buy at the supermarket checkout as well as for Parents Magazine, HuffPost Parents, Scary Mommy, and Named one of TODAYParents’ Funniest Parents in 2015, Norine is the editor of The Big Book of Parenting Tweets and The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets and co-author of Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations. That book hit #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Parenting Humor Releases and won both the GOLD Benjamin Franklin Award for Parenting & Family from the Independent Book Publishers Association and Foreword Reviews’ SILVER IndieFab Award for Humor. Foreign-language editions of Science of Parenthood will soon be available in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. In 2017, she received third-place honors in the online humor, blog and multimedia category in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ annual column contest.

Jase Graves

Jason (Jase) Graves is a new writer for the EBWW blog and a finalist in the 2017 National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ column contest in the humor-writing category. He writes a regular column for The Kilgore News Herald and blogs for The Longview News Journal.  He is a married father of three daughters and writes about home and family issues from a humorous perspective in his personal blog, “What’s Wrong With Daddy?” Other than writing, his primary hobby is sleeping as late as possible.

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