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Who’s publishing what?

Furiously happy

Furiously HappyIn Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things, New York Times bestselling author Jenny Lawson (“the Bloggess”) explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. A hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? That sounds like a terrible idea. But terrible ideas are what Jenny says she does best. O, The Oprah Magazine says “Lawson’s self-deprecating humor is not only gaspingly funny and wonderfully inappropriate; it allows her to speak…in a real and raw way.” In 2012, she published the wildly popular Let’s Pretend This Didn’t Happen: A Mostly True Memoir.

Getting schooled

Preschooled“Captivating and relentlessly funny, Preschooled is a brilliant, sublime romp through today’s Pre-K jungle,” says author Jenna McCarthy of Anna Lefler’s new comic novel. She’s also the author of The Chicktionary: From A-Line to Z-Snap, The Words Every Woman Should Know, which the Chicago Tribune called “a wry celebration of modern femininity.” Click here to watch the hysterical book trailer.

Plan B

The Promise in Plan BMary I. Farr’s latest book, The Promise in Plan B: What We Bring to the Next Chapter of Our Lives, has been published by Shorehouse Books. She is the author of five books including the critically acclaimed If I could Mend Your Heart and Peace (Intersections Small Group Series). She has dedicated her life to exploring the worlds of hope, healing and humor.

A pile of BS

The Road to SuccessThe “BS” stands for “Business Stories.” But these aren’t tales about working in the Depression, spun by your grandfather as he dreamily inhales from his pipe. The Road to Success Goes Through the Salad Bar is a chance for corporate America to laugh at itself through observations gleaned from Greg Schwem, a stand-up comedian who has spent nearly 20 years performing for some of the nation’s largest and most profitable companies. He’s also a nationally syndicated humor columnist for Tribune Content Agency. View a funny video about his newest book here.

The dog master

The Dog MasterNew York Times’ bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron calls The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog, his “most ambitious work, a sweeping, epic and dramatic story of one of the most important events in human history — the domestication of the wolf. In other words, the first dog.” He’s now published 10 books, of which A Dog’s Purpose spent 52 weeks on the New York Times‘ bestseller list and is now being made into a movie by Dreamworks. His first book, 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, was adapted into a sitcom starring John Ritter.


book coverColleen Rankin-Wheeler‘s debut book, A Day in the Life of a Spider Spazing Freak, attacks her fear of spiders head on with hilarity and sarcasm. It will be available this fall through Tate Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. To order an advance copy, contact the author at

Hiss-terical look

Women Who Still Love Cats Too MuchAllia Zobel Nolan and Nicole Hollander’s newest book, Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much, will be released in September 2015 but is now available for pre-orders. It’s described as “a when-is-enough-enough (Never!) guide that helps women pinpoint the warning signs of cat codependency so they can course correct and get their lives back — should they really want to — combined with real-life examples of the lengths women go to please their puddies. Zobel Nolan is an award-winning author of more than 200 children’s and adult trade titles. Her books reflect her two main passions, God and cats.

Hopeless handymen

Home Improvement Survival Guide for MenDan Van Oss has released the second book in his “Survival Guide for Men” series called Home Improvement Survival Guide for Men. It’s described as “the fun if not functional handbook for the hesitant (or hopeless) handyman.”

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