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Who’s publishing what?


Kaye Curren has written her first book, Memories A La Carte, Essays on a Life. In these selected humorous and heartfelt essays, Ms. Curren relates what it’s been like to be a woman living, growing and surviving in America in the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond. From childhood in sunny California to retirement in snowy Michigan, Ms. Curren has survived depression, divorce, failed opportunities and financial insecurity — and has lived to laugh about them. She delights in writing humor essays, human interest stories and memoir. Find her many musings on her website/blog at

Perfect lipstick

Diane Pascoe has published a collection of hilarious personal essays, Life Isn’t Perfect, But My Lipstick Is: Real Life. Real Laughs. Her funny memoir “collects the mental musings of a wife, mother, and (sometimes) gracefully aging woman.” She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Eric (also known in these stories as “Honey” and “Love God”) and their two dogs.

Idaho potatoes

Bestselling author Elaine Ambrose offers two new children’s books featuring Idaho potatoes, creative stories, and vibrant illustrations. Gators & Taters features seven original stories with four in prose and three in metered rhyming poetry. The book is one of 50 children’s books selected for Bowker’s National Recommended Reading list. The Magic Potato is a creative, educational, bilingual story book that was approved by the Idaho State Board of Education for the statewide curriculum. The read-out-loud story describes in English and Spanish the adventures of children who ride around Idaho on a magic flying potato.

Holy bones

Humorist Danielle Schaaf has published her second book, Holy Bones, Limbo and Jesus in My Cheetos: Catholics Believe the Darndest Things. It’s described as “an entertaining and informative look at Catholicism that will have readers, Catholic or not, snorting holy water out of their noses.” In 2006, she co-authored Don’t Chew Jesus!: A Collection of Memorable Nun Stories with Michael Prendergast. She is the creator of Haute Flash Contessa humor columns and comedy shows.

Plight of the hare

In blogger Donna Fentanes’ newly published book, The Plight of the Hare & Other Stories From the Shoe, “a hare brained mom of ten navigates her way to a more tortoise way of life.”


From her childhood on an Iowa farm, Lori Erickson grew up to travel the world as a writer specializing in holy sites — journeys that led her on an ever-deepening spiritual quest. In Holy Rover: Journeys in Search of Mystery, Miracles, and God, she weaves her personal narrative with descriptions of a dozen pilgrimages. Travel writer, Episcopal deacon and author of the Holy Rover blog at Patheos, Erickson is an engaging guide for pilgrims eager to take a spiritual journey.

Outside the comfort zone

Travel writer Karin Esterhammer has published a captivatingly funny travel memoir about a Los Angeles family who moves to Vietnam to ride out the Great Recession, So Happiness to Meet You: Foolishly, Blissfully Stranded in Vietnam. Her work has been published in the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun and other outlets. Her diary-style article in the Los Angeles Times about the move to Vietnam earned more letters to the editor than almost any other travel story.


There is no template for how to grow old. More than 50 million Americans are doing it anyway, and finding along the way an abundance of opportunity for disaster. At those times, laughter is the saving grace. Dr. Ann Thomas compiles 49 columns from her long-running humor column in the newly published Unmistakably Old, And doing pretty well, considering… 

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