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Self-publishing childrens books

The kids laughed out loud at Kristen Twedt’s first Crazy Cat story. So, she self-published it as an illustrated book. Then, she used 1stBooks to pubish a second book in the Crazy Cat series.
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Author’s POD book is first to make it to Book Sense

Saralee Perel recently won a 2005 humor writing award from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Al Speegle, Jr. caught up with her to discuss her writing career.
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The truth about POD

WBJB Radio aired a seven part series on Print on Demand publishing. The series includes interviews with current and former employees of the top three on demand publishing houses.
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Wine & Writing with Wade

Wade Rouse was a revelation at our 2010 workshop — smart, funny, charming, inspiring. The acclaimed author of four memoirs has put together a three-day writing retreat in Michigan. Details here.

The Perfect App

Tired of browsing for applications for your iPhone? satirically announces the Apple’s latest revolution: “App Store Express, the fastest way to give Apple your money.” Read more here.

Borders on the Edge

In another sign of serious financial trouble, Borders Books announced it was delaying January payments to vendors and landlords. Read more here.

Worth the Paper It’s Written on?

Amazon is now selling more e-books via Kindle than physical paperbacks. Read more here.

Doug Ankerman

“My Odd Sock — A funny look at life with a limp,” Doug Ankerman calls his blog. “My Odd Sock is my glimmer of inspiration, a creative dream of a lifetime! (Sad isn’t it?) Actually, no inspiration needed.  I am a former advertising copywriter just looking to keep my writing chops sharp.”

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