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Diane Kelly

“How can taxes be funny?” Diane Kelly gets that question. Her answer? “In the same way M*A*S*H made war funny.” She’s counting down to the release of her latest book, Death, Taxes and a French Manicure, coming out Nov. 1. She has won more than two dozen Romance Writers of America awards, and her fiction, tax, and humor pieces have appeared in True Love Magazine, Writer’s Digest Yearbook, Romance Writers Report, Byline Magazine and other publications.

“Tracy Beckerman Has a Gift”

That’s the opening line of one of the latest articles about columnist and EBWW regular Tracy Beckerman. If you know Tracy like we do, then you probably thought of several ways to complete the sentence that follows.

The gift, of course, is funny writing, as you can read in her “Lost in Suburbia” column.

An Army of Ermas

We teethed on Erma Bombeck columns before our mothers snatched them away and framed them. As a new generation of humor columnists emerges from behind the SUVs and sexting our husbands, we’re hoping for a little Erma-ism to pop through so we can stand our kids again.

Marcia Fine

In 2000 Marcia began to pursue her dream of writing. Having written two satires about the upscale Scottsdale crowd, she then took a different direction and completed two more books.

Terri Weeding

A writer of humorous women’s fiction. Her novels feature quirky characters and outrageous scenarios. Terri lives in Phoenix with a houseful of girls, and one very tolerant husband. She is currently working on her second novel, Maddy and The Double Buzz.

Adam Ruben

Adam Ruben spent seven years at Johns Hopkins University earning his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. While there, he parlayed his healthy disdain for academia into a stand-up comedy act, which he has performed across the country.

Dept. of Double Entendre

Katrina Kittle and her writer friends remind us that writers do it wherever they can. Read more here.

A Sucker for a Verbal Hostage

Loretta LaRoche has noticed she’s meeting more and more people who love to talk about themselves. Read more here.

Reflections of Erma