135 Funny & Meaningful Birthday Wishes for Your Brother

Your brother is one of the most important people in your life… but it can sometimes be hard to find the right words to express your wishes for them on their birthday. Armed with this giant list of birthday wishes, you’ll know exactly what to say!

Birthday Message for Brother from Sister

Wishes from a sister

1 I always loved how you always looked after me no matter how annoying I am. Happy birthday bro, from yours truly, sis.

2 Dear bro, never let our (many!) fights make you feel like I don’t love you the best in the world. Happy birthday from your sister!

3 I hope you have an amazing birthday. From your sister, who loves you most.

4 To the best person in the world, my brother. I love you so much and I hope all your wishes come true.

5 I know it seems like we never really got along, but I’ll always have your back, bro. Happy birthday, brother!

6 To my dearest brother. I’m so glad we got to spend our childhood together, through bad and good times. Happy birthday, and I hope to spend many more with you!

7 To you, I’ll probably always be your annoying and feisty sister but to me, you’re my entire world. Happy birthday, bro!

8 You’re not just my brother, by you’ve also always been my mentor, protector, and joy. Keep being awesome, bro!

9 As you reach yet another milestone, brother, just remember that your birthday is a new beginning. May you achieve all the goals you’ve set for yourself this year!

10 Happy birthday from your sister, who’s probably more excited about celebrating than you are!

11 I can’t believe it’s already your birthday, bro! I really hope you have an amazing time today, and may all your wishes come true.

12 To the only person who always has my back no matter what kind of trouble I get myself into. Have a great birthday, bro.

13 A brother is a friend like none other. Happy birthday!

14 Heartfelt good wishes on your birthday, from your loving sister.

15 Have so many years already passed? Your birthday makes me feel nostalgic for the wonderful adventures we shared as kids.

Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Birthday wishes for a younger sibling

16 Mom and dad gave me so much in my life, but you, my sweet baby bro, were the best of them all. Happy birthday!

17 To my weird little brother, who I’ll always love more than anyone else — have a rocking birthday!

18 I still can’t believe you’re all grown up now. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become.

19 To my brother, who always stands out from the crowd because of his love and kindness. Happy birthday!

20 Thanks, little bro, for giving me someone to love, annoy, and tease. Happy birthday!

25 Magnets can both repel and attract. Our relationship is just like them, isn’t it? Happy birthday, bro!

26 You’re the bright light in our family, little brother. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

27 To my little brother, your weird jokes always seem to make me laugh no matter how random they are! Happy birthday!

28 I absolutely hate it when you steal all my stuff, but the one thing I’ve always let you steal is my heart. Have a great birthday little bro!

29 Emotional that my little bro is all grown up now? No, I’m just cutting onions.

30 To my little brother, you always cheer me up and make me feel like I’m not alone. I hope your birthday is full of laughter and fun!

31 I might have protested a fair bit when you first came into the world, but now I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without you.

32 No matter how old you get, I’ll never stop having your back.

33 My dear baby brother, have a blast today!

34 Thanks for being the best little brother anyone could wish for. So proud of you!

35 I wish you the fun birthday you deserve, bro!

Birthday Wishes for Big Brother

Birthday wish ideas for a big brother

36 Still trying to live up to your greatness, bro. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up but you’re always a stellar role model. Have the best birthday ever.

37 You’re the best brother anyone could ever wish for. Never forget that!

38 Because you’re in my life, I’m never afraid to face any challenge life might throw my way. You’re my rock, and because I don’t tell you this often enough, I’ll do it now. Have a very happy birthday!

39 Even if everyone else is ignoring me, I know I can always count on my big brother to be there for me. Thank you so much. Happy birthday!

40 Still as wonderful as ever. Happy birthday, big bro!

41 Here’s to my big brother, who’s brought so much love and care to my life!

42 Happy brother to my favorite brother, my big brother!

43 Wishing you the very best on your birthday, brother!

44 When God was giving out brothers, I hit the jackpot!

45 You’ll never know how much I learned from you, my special brother. Have a happy birthday!

46 Happy birthday to my big bro, who made me who I am.

47 I don’t just love you because you’re my brother, but because you’re kind, caring, and brave. Happy birthday!

48 I know you can achieve anything you set your mind to! Wishing you success and happiness this year, bro!

49 I’m so grateful that you’re my brother. Happy birthday!

50 Have an incredible, unforgettable, birthday!

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Brother

Emotional birthday wish ideas

51 To my brother, who’s always shown me the way. May all your dreams come true, and may your life be filled with happiness.

52 I hope the year ahead will be as sweet as the cake you’ll enjoy today, and that you’ll never run out of people to love you.

53 Ah yes, your birthday. The one day a year on which I can shamelessly admit that I love you to the moon and back, brother.

54 With a brother like you, who needs friends?

55 Just wanted to let you know that I’ve never stopped looking up to you, brother.

56 My wonderful, smart, and talented brother, I wish you all the best life has to offer.

57 Looking forward to spending the day with my amazing, caring, and strong brother. Happy birthday!

58 May you always be healthy, safe, and loved, brother!

59 You have a heart of gold, and no matter how hard you try to hide it, I’ll always look straight into your soul and see my brother like no other.

60 You prove that cliches really can be true. You’re not just a brother, but my very best bud.

61 Wishing you year filled with fortune, happiness, and meaning. Happy birthday!

62 I hope you know I love you all year round, brother.

63 My amazing brother, you’d be my hero even if we weren’t related.

64 You’re my hero, bro, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Have an incredible birthday!

65 Only the best people deserve the best birthdays, and that’s you, brother!

Meaningful Birthday Wishes for Brother

Meaningful birthday wish ideas

66 Brother, noun. [bruhth-er]: The one person in the world you can always count on, and who would do literally anything for you. Happy birthday, my bro and best friend!

67 It is said that our memories make us who we are, and whenever I dig through my mind, you have a starring role in all my happiest memories, bro. Happy birthday!

68 They say what matters most in life is your friends and family. I’m so glad to have you as both my brother and my best friend. I love you so much, and have a great birthday!

69 You’re my favorite person in the whole wide world, brother! It’s honestly been such an honor having someone like you in my life, all these years. I hope you have an amazing birthday and may all your dreams come true!

70 I know that I never chose to have you in my life, brother, but if I had the choice I’d pick you in a heartbeat. Have a great time today!

71 No matter how much you say you love me, I love you more! Happy birthday brother!

72 You’re caring, sweet, brave, and responsible, all at the same time. I’m so lucky I got you as my brother.

73 Your smile never fails to touch my heart, brother. Happy birthday!

74 On your special day, I’m wishing that your future will be even brighter than the journey you have completed so far, brother!

75 To my generous brother on his birthday, may the gifts you have offered the world be returned to you tenfold!

76 You’ve never stopped inspiring me to be a better person. Happy birthday, brother!

77 You’re one of a kind, and I’m so lucky you’re my brother.

78 The best people never realize how great they are. They just keep showering the world with their gifts, never asking for anything in return. You’re a rare gem, brother.

79 To my brother, who is never, ever, too busy to care about his family. I love you!

80 Wishing you a wonderful birthday, and a year in which God’s light will shine on you always.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother

Funny birthday wishes

81 We’ve always shared everything, brother, and today is no different. You’ll give me half of your presents, right?

82 Wow, you’re already [age] old? You sure don’t act it. Happy birthday, though!

83 You’re such a kind, handsome, and strong brother. Now that I’ve complimented you, I don’t need to give you a present, right?

84 Did you know that people who have more birthdays are statistically likely to live longer lives? You’re doing pretty OK so far.

85 No matter how much you achieve, I’ll always have something better that you: an amazing brother.

86 I’ve rented an entire bakery, because one cake isn’t nearly big enough to fit all those candles.

87 So glad you’re my bro. Without you, there would have been nobody to take the blame for my mischief!

88 You might be older, but I’m really not sure you’re any wiser.

89 I’ll always help you pluck your gray hairs out, brother. 🙂

90 Yay! The day when you can finally ditch your fake ID and have a legal drink!

Teasing Birthday Wishes for Brother

Light hearted teasing wishes for your brother

91 Brother? I’m pretty sure that was meant to be spelled “bother”. Happy birthday anyway.

92 You’re so bad at board games, loser! (But I’ll let you win today, because it’s you birthday, bro!)

93 Happy birthday, brother! Now can I please have some of your cake?

94 It’s that time of year again, the only day I’m obliged to be nice to my brother, no matter how annoying he may be. Happy birthday!

95 I don’t know how one person can be so annoying yet so loving at the same time. Happy birthday bro!

96 This year, the flame on your countless candles will outshine the brightness of the sun.

97 Time is ticking, brother! I hope you find the time to stop partying and finally settle down!

98 Public service announcement: It’s now perfectly acceptable for guys to dye their hair to hide their grays!

99 Think you’re old now? Wait until next year!

100 If age really comes with wisdom, you’re one of the wisest people in my life!

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Brother

Birthday wishes from far away

101 I know I haven’t seen you in a while, but I couldn’t possibly turn down the opportunity to wish my brother a happy birthday! I love you the most!

102 It seems like ages since I last saw you, brother, but you’re always on my mind. Until we meet again, I’ll wish you a happy birthday from here!

103 No matter how far apart we are, brother, I hope you’ll never forget how much I love you. Have a blast at your birthday today!

104 Happy birthday, bro! Though we may be apart, we’ll always be together.

105 You know I’ll always love you the most, no matter where you are. Happy birthday, bro!

106 I know we haven’t gotten to spend much time together, but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, brother!

107 Even apart, I still think about you all the time! Have a good b-day brother!

108 No amount of distance can change the fact that you’re my favorite person in the world. Happy birthday, brother!

109 I long for the days when we used to celebrate your birthdays under one roof, but every time your special day rolls around, I still feel as happy as I did back then.

110 A brother is a part of childhood you can always hold onto, no matter how far away he is. Love you, bro!

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

Heart touching birthday wishes

111 I’m glad to have someone like you — kind, talented, and brave — by my side. Happy birthday to my big brother!

112 Sending the very best of good vibes to my big brother today! Happy birthday!

113 I’ve never met anyone else who is quite as kind as you. Everyone in your life is so lucky to have a friend like you. Happy birthday, big bro!

114 My life has never been lonely with you by my side. Have a great b-day, big bro!

115 Love you the most, big bro, happy birthday!

116 I’m so lucky to have the best brother in the world looking out for me everyday! Happy birthday, big bro!

117 My life has been that much better with a great person like you in my life, big bro! Have a good day today!

118 Watching you grow from a naughty little boy into an awkward teen and now a kind, generous young man has been a true privilege. I am so proud of you bro!

119 I love the person you’ve become, and as you begin another year of life, I know that great things are waiting for you. Have a fantastic day and please keep being the amazing brother you are!

120 This day should be all about you, brother, but I can’t help but thank you for all you’ve done for me. Have a wonderful birthday and a year filled with happiness and success.

125 You make me laugh like nobody else could, and brighten up the darkest of days. Thanks for always being such a stellar brother, and happy birthday!

126 Wishing you only love, happiness, and success on your birthday and beyond, bro!

Formal Birthday Wishes for Brother

More formal birthday wish ideas

127 Happy birthday, brother! I hope you will have a wonderful year full of good fortune and happy memories.

128 It is an honor to have been born as your brother/sister. You keep inspiring me to reach new heights, and I wish you a success-filled year to come.

129 Wishing you a successful, prosperous, and healthy year.

130 May you be blessed with good fortune, happiness, and good health as you enter another year of your life.

135 My best wishes to you on your special day, brother.

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