Video Game Writer Salary and Job Outlook

The video game market is currently valued at approximately $65.49 billion in the United States alone — and being such an dynamic and fast-paced industry, you know that new titles are coming out all the time. Each has its own potential to make millions of dollars in profit. Video game writers represent only one of … Read more

Sports Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Outsiders — and maybe especially avid sports fans — may see the job of a sports writer as exciting and glamorous. Sports journalism offers plenty of opportunity to meet athletes and to watch important games unfold live, after all. A career in sports journalism is unquestionably rewarding for those aspiring writers who are passionate about … Read more

Script Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Script writers are the secret behind many of the media we consume on a daily basis — not just TV, film, and theater, but also commercials, radio, and even video games. To succeed, script writers need strong creative writing skills and a clear vision. What do these professionals earn, on average, per year? Average Salary … Read more

New Yorker Staff Writer Salary and Job Outlook

The New Yorker made its debut in 1925, and the weekly magazine’s influence has only continued to grow since that time. The magazine, which started out by covering social and cultural topics relevant to New York, has since expanded its scope, and is now famous for its unique take on current affairs, literature, and fascinating … Read more

Contract Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Technical writers are best known for their strong technical knowledge and ability to craft relevant industry documents accurately, quickly, and with ease. This is facilitated by high-quality experience and a strong academic background. It would, therefore, seem logical to assume that technical writers might bring in an impressive paycheck. How true is that for contract … Read more

Epic Clarity Report Writer Salary and Job Outlook

As the demand for electronic healthcare record databases grows in an increasingly digitalized world, EHR database report writers have no shortage of job opportunities. What does an Epic Clarity report writer earn per year, on average? Average Salary for Epic Clarity Report Writers Some platforms that collect data out average salary ranges across the United … Read more

RFP Writer Salary and Job Outlook

The fact that writing is not among the most profitable careers is common knowledge, but most people are also aware that technical writers have higher average salaries than most in the field. Are you hoping to build a successful career as a Request for Proposal (RFP) writer? You will be curious what current RFP writers … Read more

Medical Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Medical writers are technical writers who focus on preparing diverse types of documentation and materials within the medical field. Their actual roles are so varied that medical writers may write proposals to submit to the FDA, instruction manuals explaining how to use medical devices or equipment, or informative texts meant for patients and other laypeople. … Read more

SQL Report Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Jobs in the field of computer science have a reputation for being well-paid — but few people outside the industry are truly aware of the salary variations. What is the average salary for an SQL report writer? How does the experience, education, and location of a programmer who is looking to apply for positions as … Read more

Science Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Science writers cover some of the most fascinating advances in diverse scientific fields such as epidemiology, quantum physics, psychology, and biochemistry. When they write for lay audiences, science writers have the privilege of advancing the scientific understanding of the general public, thereby combating the abundance of misinformation that now dominates the online landscape. What do … Read more