Writers’ Assistant Salary and Job Outlook

Despite that writers’ assistants earn — alongside other support staff such as department coordinators and script supervisors — some of the lowest wages in the entertainment industry, these positions are highly desired. This is due to the fact that experience as a writers’ assistant offers valuable insights into production, and because being a writers’ assistant … Read more

Web Content Writer Salary and Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, based on thorough research, that the median yearly salary for all writers and authors was $67,120 in 2020. Web content writers make a slightly lower average salary. According to PayScale, US-based content writers earn an average base salary of $42,729, while ZipRecruiter places this number at $49,043. However, as … Read more

Resume Writer Salary and Job Outlook

The quality of a resume can make or break an applicant’s chances of getting a job — and many professionals who are both experienced and highly qualified lack the skills and confidence to craft their own resumes. Many instead decide to turn to professional resume writers, who may also craft cover letters and even offer … Read more

Comic Book Writer Salary and Job Outlook

When Stan Lee — unquestionably the most famous comic book writer of all time — passed away in 2018, reports that he had a net worth of $50 million started doing the rounds very soon. Many were shocked that it was not more. The fact, however, is that many aspiring comic book writers will never … Read more

Comedy Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Laughter is, research has proven, crucial for all aspects of human wellbeing — mental and physical health benefit from laughing regularly, and bonding over something funny is an integral part of social relationships. Looking at life from that angle, comedy writers have one of the most important jobs in the world. If you have excellent … Read more