SQL Report Writer Salary and Job Outlook

Jobs in the field of computer science have a reputation for being well-paid — but few people outside the industry are truly aware of the salary variations. What is the average salary for an SQL report writer? How does the experience, education, and location of a programmer who is looking to apply for positions as an SQL report writer influence their earning potential? How do you even become an SQL report writer, and what qualifications do SQL report writers need?

To explore these questions, dive into this guide!

Average Salary for SQL Report Writers

Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that, as of 2020, the median yearly salary of computer programmers in general is $89,190. The lowest 10 percent of earners within this sector make $51,440 or less per year, the cream of the crop can make over $146,050 every year. The BLS is further able to report that programmers working on computer systems design and related services make an average of $88,510 annually, but does not specify further.

How much do SQL report writers in the United States make per year, on average? For further information, we will have to turn to data collected by privately-owned platforms:

  • ZipRecruiter estimates, based on the data they received from SQL report writers, an average annual salary of $108,653. The platform additionally says that salary ranges of $40,000 to $400,000 are common — indicating extreme variations.
  • Glassdoor, based on a different data set, instead offers $58,196 as the average yearly salary for SQL report writers.
  • PayScale reports that $75,000 is the average annual salary among SQL report writers.
  • com only shares data about the average annual salary for database report writers in general, and estimates this to be $98,302.

When we see such large variations in salary ranges, we have to keep in mind that the data these salary-tracking platforms collect depend on professionals who are active in the field and willing to share information about their annual income. The variations are likely caused by differences in experience, formal qualifications, and location among those who supplied their salary information.

Based on the available data, most SQL report writers will earn somewhere between $40,000 and $70,000 per year.

What Do SQL Report Writers Make Per Hour?

According to data collected by ZipRecruiter, a typical SQL report writer will earn around $52 per hour. PayScale, meanwhile, instead offers an average hourly rate of $30.26. Freelance opportunities are also available in this field, but pay rates vary greatly.

Salary Based on Experience

An SQL report writer’s number of years of experience in the field play a large role in determining how much they can expect to earn on an annual basis. Salary.com reports, for example, that database report writers who have worked in the field for less than one year make an average of $93,300. Those database report writers who have between five and seven years of experience have an average yearly salary of $101,189, while the most experienced database report writers may earn more than $103,114.

Due to the fact that these estimates do not apply to only SQL report writers, your mileage may vary. The general trend remains clear, on the other hand — seasoned SQL report writers will almost always have higher yearly salaries than those who have only been working in this area for a few years.

Salary Based on Education

Data from Salary.com suggests that database report writers, in general, are most likely to earn the a salary that is congruent with the average annual wage when they hold a PhD in computer science. Those who have a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, or lower levels of education earn progressively less.

Non-traditional paths toward a successful career do remain available in the sector of computer programming, however, and your personal earnings potential will depend on your talent and experience.

Top Paying States

Top-paying jobs for SQL report writers can be found in states that generally have a higher cost of living, offering a corresponding increase in pay rates, as well as in states in which a larger number of vacancies open for SQL report writers.

According to ZipRecruiter, those states are California (and especially Richmond), Connecticut, Washington State, and Alaska. PayScale, meanwhile, reports higher earnings for programmers working in SQL development generally in New York, Texas, and North Carolina. Aspiring SQL report writers in these states should certainly keep an eye out for interesting opportunities.

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in the sector of computer programming will fall in the coming decade, by as much as 10 percent. Despite that, the BLS also expects that around 9,700 new job opportunities will open up each year, on average, largely because workers may leave the field or retire.

A large reason for this decline is that computer programming jobs can largely be carried out remotely. Thus, many are being transferred to overseas locations where labor is more inexpensive.

This does not mean that the outlook is bleak for SQL report writers. Seasoned professionals and raw new talent can both still expect jobs to be available for them, and to hold onto them if they are skilled at what they do.

As the field of computer science is dynamic and unpredictable, unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to predict what the outlook is in this area, and that includes SQL report writers.

What Exactly Does a SQL Report Writer Do?

“Writer” may be in the job title, but the type of writing an SQL report writing engages in over the course of their job is rather different from the kind a journalist or copywriter does. An SQL report writer has the job of creating custom reports using data within Structured Query Language databases, or SQL databases.

The job depends on strong data analysis skills, including mathematical skills, as well as on programming experience and knowledge. The typical process an SQL report writer may follow, after consulting clients or their employer to find out what is required, involves:

  • Creating a blank SQL report.
  • Defining queries related to the data that will be utilized in order to create the final report.
  • Performing calculations and analyzing data.
  • Creating the appropriate format for the report.
  • Update and revise data.

The job description of SQL report writers, therefore, primarily involves programming, mathematical, and analytical skills, as well as a solid background in different types of SQL databases.

How to Become a SQL Report Writer?

Aspiring SQL report writers should aim to develop a strong background. In nearly all cases, that means pursuing an advanced degree in computer science. This will offer future SQL report writers a broad range of skills, from computer algorithms to computer organization and algorithm design, as well as in advanced mathematics.

Other relevant majors, such as those in computer information systems or even applied mathematics, may also be helpful.

Simultaneously, future SQL report writers will want to continuously improve their theoretical and practical knowledge of a variety of database platforms. To find gainful employment as an SQL report writer or in a related role, it is key to track internship opportunities and to jump at the chance to apply wherever an appropriate opportunity opens up.

Being able to place such experience on your resume will prove to be of enormous help as you apply for vacancies.

Qualifications to Be a SQL Report Writer

A relevant advanced degree, such as a PhD in computer science, is a prerequisite for this job in almost all cases. Having the right qualifications is not sufficient on its own, however, as SQL report writers will need to prove competency as well — and this is something that comes with experience.

Skills to Be a SQL Report Writer

In addition to having a relevant degree, nearly always in computer science, SQL report writers will also need to call on a variety of skills over the course of their everyday work. The aptitudes that are helpful for SQL report writers include:

  • Outstanding critical thinking skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of different types of SQL database platforms.
  • Strong mathematical skills, including in the area of statistics.
  • Intense attention to detail, allowing SQL report writers to spot any error.
  • Interpersonal skills, because SQL report writers need to work with non-tech employees and follow client or employer instructions. This requires solid communication skills.

Can You Be a SQL Report Writer Without a Degree?

It is unlikely that someone who does not hold a degree will be able to begin a career as an SQL report writer. Even those applicants who possess a Bachelor’s degree are at a disadvantage. There are always exceptions to this role, on the other hand, and extremely talented people who took non-traditional paths may find opportunities within this field.


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